5 Reasons NOT To Get A German Shepherd

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5 Reasons NOT To Get A German Shepherd

German Shepherd pups are, quite frankly, adorable. But, as with most large dogs, GSD pups don’t stay small forever, no matter how cute they were early on. You end up with a large dog that can have some challenging needs that not everyone is equipped to handle. So, just in case that cuteness is tempting you, here are 5 Reasons Not to get a German Shepherd Dog.

Dog Hair

Everywhere We’re going to have to start out with the humungous elephant in the room, dog hair, because it’s one of the more important points and one many people complain about, even German Shepherd fanciers. If you don’t like dog hair everywhere, yes everywhere, I’ve even found it in closed cereal boxes, a German Shepherd might not be the best dog for you. Hair is an issue that must be taken into account for this breed. They require regular coat maintenance especially if you have a long-haired GSD in which case you will also have to deal with knots along with the shedding. You’re going to need a good amount of time to set aside for grooming and some good brushes. I’ll link some in the description. Not only do these dogs shed continuously, but they also blow their coat (lose all their undercoat) twice a year, in the spring and fall. Don’t forget a good vacuum. You are going to need it. I personally use a Bhari Pets. But, I don’t have carpet.


Thinking of lounging on the couch? No way! German Shepherd owners know that won’t happen until you’ve walked your dog, gone to the park, or provided some sort of exercise. German Shepherds are very active, both mentally and physically. Thus, they require both mental and physical stimulation to be happy functioning members of society. And by “functioning members of society” I mean they need it so as not to be an anxiety-ridden, neurotic mess that drives you absolutely up the wall. Your German Shepherd needs to feel useful and needed and needs to be an active member of the family. If you are unable to walk, play and be there for your dog then these are not the right dogs for you.

Need People

The German Shepherd is the Third most intelligent dog according to dog psychologist Stanley Coren. Which breed do your think is number one? Comment your answer below with the hashtag #lovedogs. They need to be around people If your answer to the above dilemma is to just put the dog outside to live, then the German Shepherd is also not a good dog for you. Dogs are pack orientated and German Shepherds are no different. In fact, the German Shepherd is best described as a Velcro dog. Your German Shepherd’s favorite spot, the spot it needs to be, is close to you. They get separation anxiety from being separated from their pack (and that includes you). They are happiest with a family unit and being left outside unattended only leads to mischief and a miserable dog. If you don’t want to share your inside space with a dog, then this is not the ideal dog for you. Keep in mind that very few breeds are happy with a lonesome existence as a “backyard dog.” Not the Perfect Home Companion We’ve established that the German Shepherd needs to get outside a lot, but also needs to live inside with the family. These combine to create our next dilemma, filth.


Mud is fantastic for boosting your appearance, but it’s not so great when you have a trail of muddy paw prints on your carpet or the stench of a wet dog drifting through your home. If you are concerned about the effect a dirty, wet, and smelly dog can have on your home, then a GSD isn’t for you. If you’re a neat freak, you might want to look at our list of best small dogs for apartments linked in the description below. Oh, and don’t expect newly purchased items to stay in one piece, especially dog toys. I can tell you tales of how their dog toys magically explode! German Shepherds were created perfectly! Their tail is the perfect height for sweeping the coffee table and of course, there goes your cup of coffee. Kitchen tables are the perfect height for them to rest their heads on while you eat. They also require large size poop bags for cleaning up after. And rugs left on hard floors tend to turn into skateboards for constantly moving German Shepherds.


Last, but one of the most important aspects of German Shepherd ownership is training, as this is the reason most German Shepherds are surrendered to shelters. German Shepherds are very smart, one of the smartest dogs there are, but they need training, absolutely, no exceptions. An out-of-control German Shepherd is dangerous and can lead to some awful situations. I strongly recommend that all new owners seek help training their new pups, especially if you’ve never had dogs before. They need socialization or else you’re not going to be able to have guests or even the Amazon driver showing up? Do you want to give up walking your dog because it is aggressive to every other dog it sees? Growling at other dogs or your kids if they go near its toys or food? Chasing other animals and being a general nuisance? These are all common in untrained German Shepherds. They learn quickly. This is good, but it also means they learn bad behaviors quickly. Couple this with a dog that has a tendency to be willful and you have a dog that absolutely needs uncompromising rules set for it and a solid base of basic obedience. You are considering a very large powerful and intelligent dog. Unless you are prepared to train your dog, you should think about another breed. Without training, a German Shepherd will be an absolute nightmare for you. But, a well-trained German Shepherd can be a dream dog.

That said, if you can cover these 5 things and you are absolutely sure you are ok with them, then the German Shepherd is one of the most enjoyable breeds you could ever be with. Here are a few more videos for you to enjoy. Also, check in the description for more German Shepherd videos.

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