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Best Dog Breeds For Seniors And Retirees

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Retirement is a big change in life. Although many find it relaxing and fulfilling, many find it lonely and depressing. What a better way to combat those feeling than by adding a furry friend to your life.

Dogs have been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress in humans as well as helping them cope with depression. But, not all dogs are created equal. These are the Best Dog Breeds For Seniors And Retirees to have as Companion Dogs. Shelter Dog You don’t need a purebred dog to get the benefits of dog companionship. In fact, a trip to your local shelter can pass the benefits along to the dog and to the shelter. When you are searching for a shelter dog,talk to shelter experts about your current lifestyle and home.

Old Man Dog

They will use this information to guide you to a dog that will be compatible with your lifestyle. Don’t discount senior dogs. These older dogs often have a kind and loving personality, and most are quite young at heart. You’ll love spending time with a senior dog who is always ready for your next adventure. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for their exceptional cuddling skills; they would much rather be on your lap than alone. Their smaller size also means they are well suited for apartment or condo living. Just be sure you are ready to make frequent trips to the groomer; these little dogs need regular grooming to stay healthy and happy.

If you’re not as mobile as you once were,most cities have groomers that will come to you. Golden doodles Varying in size depending on their type, Golden doodles are excellent companions. These adorable Poodle/Golden Retriever Mixes feature soft coats and look just like teddy bears. Even better, they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in most humans. While they are not fully hypoallergenic, people with dog allergies can often cohabitate with them without needing to take daily medication. Golden doodles are excellent companions and quite smart, which means you can spend some of your newly available retirement time learning new tricks together.

As you know, you can teach old dogs new tricks. Remember, if you are considering retiring in a senior living community, ensure they are pet-friendly. Your dog will love the extra attention and socialization they receive in a busy senior living community just as much as you will. Pug A Pug may be the best small dog for seniors who would rather cuddle with their pooch in an armchair than take it out hiking everyday. Pugs don’t need much exercise and can’t handle temperature extremes, so they spend much of their time indoors. Childlike, loyal, and affectionate, pugs are devoted to their owners and love to nap.

They aren’t really barkers, although they tend to snore. And Pugs require little grooming. Bichon Frise The Bichon Frise is an intelligent, obedient,and affectionate small dog breed. They love to snuggle and are highly compatible with other household pets. They also have a pleasant, cheerful nature and are perfectly content to spend much of the day chilling indoors. A couple of short walks each day is enough to meet their exercise needs.

They also don’t shed, but they do require frequent brushing and grooming. French Bulldog If your idea of the perfect companion is a quiet, friendly dog who readily adapts to apartment life, you may want to consider a French Bulldog. Spirited but not yappy, Frenchies thrive on plenty of human contact. They have low exercise needs and are happy with short walks or a bit of playtime in the yard—but not when temperatures soar. (These dogs are prone to heat exhaustion.) Regular brushings are all the grooming that’s required. One caveat is they do have plenty of health issues. Regular trips to the vets is often required with these otherwise chipper dogs. Boston Terrier If you like the Frenchie, but the potential vet bills might get a bit tough on a fixed income, the American Gentleman, the nickname given to the tuxedoed Boston Terrier might be the dog for you.

The Boston Terrier has been ranked highly on many lists of best dog breeds for seniors.

They cite the incredibly friendly and dapper nature and amusing, easy-going personality as primary reasons. Bostons are a friendly, low-maintenance companion breed that needs almost no grooming and little exercise outside of a few walks each day. They are friendly with almost everyone and generally love to meet strangers and friends alike. And, most importantly, they love to cuddle. We often pick small dog breeds for seniors,because they can live in smaller spaces and don’t have the exercise needs of many larger breeds. Also, many small dog breeds have been bred to be companion animals, whereas larger breeds were often bred to work and therefore absolutely NEED a job to do. You’re retired. A dog that doesn’t mind the retired life is probably best for you.

Shih Tzu Speaking of small companion breeds, Shih Tzus always want to be by their owners’ sides and are great small dogs for seniors. This breed lives for cuddles and attention. Shih Tzus are excellent lap dogs and have a welcoming attitude toward strange people as well as other pets. Playful but not overly active, these dogs get enough activity through short daily walks and playful romps around the living room. They are highly adaptable and can thrive equally well in a large suburban home or a small city condo or maybe that little villa you’ve always dreamed about.

Chihuahua Everyone knows that chihuahuas are some of the tiniest pups you can find. That’s why they’re such a good dog for senior citizens. Another advantage of the Chihuahua is that they are also one of the healthiest dog breeds. Exuberant and lively, most chihuahuas only weigh about five pounds making them quite portable for the senior. You might be wondering: what’s the biggest perk of having a chihuahua as a companion? First of all, they’re outstanding watchdogs. Secondly, it doesn’t take much to keep them groomed and fit. Plus, they’re known as extremely loyal,almost to a fault.

They can become quite possessive and protective of their human if not properly socialized from a young age. Pomeranian A distinctive and popular dog breed for the elderly, the average Pomeranian is known for its tiny size and scruff of fur around their fuzzy necks. They’re extremely small, Pomeranians usually weigh no more than five pounds, which is awesome for senior citizens. Affectionate and lively, this pint-sized breed loves spending the day with its owner. Also, Pomeranians are celebrated for beingalert and smart. Another bonus is that Pomeranians are naturally healthy pups!

There are plenty of more dog breeds for you to discover. Here are a few more videos to start your journey. Might as well smash that subscribe button. And as always, catch ya next time.

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