Small Dogs That Can Be Left Alone All Day Top 10


Top 10 Small Dogs That Can Be Left Alone All Day

We’d all love to stay at home all day with our dogs. But unfortunately, some of us have to work or go to school. Some breeds manage just fine without constant attention or that they just enjoy some alone time. Whichever the case, we’re shining a light on 10 small dog breeds that you can leave at home for eight hours or more while you’re at work, school, or any other .

1) Maltese


If you judge Maltese based on their silky, downy-soft coats, you’d figure they were high-maintenance dogs that need constant attention. But truth is, most Maltese have mellow temperaments, so while you’re away, your little buddy will likely be content to hang out at the house for up to eight hours. The “nanny cam” might catch them napping, playing with their favorite toy, or grabbing a snack from their doggy dish, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll catch a case of separation anxiety. Maltese also make great house sitters because they tend to get along with other pets—even cats. So, you can feel free to leave them with your other fur babies without the fear of sibling rivalry.

2) French bulldog

According to the AKC & KCI, the French Bulldog was bred for city life, Paris to be exact, meaning they don’t require a significant amount of exercise. They’re also on the quieter side, meaning they won’t bark while you’re gone, bothering your neighbors. That said, like most dogs on this list, they are companion dogs. If you’re gone for 6-8 hours a day for work, they’ll likely be fine. If you’re a workaholic or otherwise never home, perhaps consider a different pet, like a reptile or a rock. Seriously. I’m not kidding, Amazon still sells pet rocks. Go see yourself,

3) Boston Terrier

Although the well-mannered Boston Terrier prefers being with their people and enjoys human company in general, no love will be lost if you have to leave them to their own devices for a few hours. As long as they’ve been thoroughly trained and have everything they need to be comfortable, a Boston can typically be left home alone for up to 12. If you feel your Boston (or any dog, for that matter) isn’t quite ready to have the run of the house or needs a “safe space” to help control anxiety (both theirs and yours), you may want to confine them to one room, or invest in a crate or playpen to make them (and you) feel more secure. There are plenty to choose from .

4) Lhasa Apso

Who’s a big boy or girl? If you have a Lhasa Apso, you know the answer. A card-carrying member of the “big dog in a small package” club, these pups have no problem asserting their independence while you’re around or ruling the roost while you’re away. The Lhasa Apso’s self-sufficient nature can be traced back to its beginnings in the palaces and monasteries of Tibet, where they received high praise for their abilities as watchdogs. So, once they’ve tossed a few toys around, had lunch, and taken a nap (or two) they’re likely to be content standing watch until you get back to the ranch.Most Lhasas are good by themselves for about eight hours. If your Lhasa develops separation anxiety, a great way to curb it is to make sure your buddy gets some exercise before you leave. Lhasas tire easily, so a brief walk or play session should be enough to wear them out—if they’re exhausted, they may not care if you’re there or not.

5) Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds may be known for being fast little dogs and one of the favorite breeds of Jenna Marbles, but these small dogs are perfectly happy to lounge on the couch all day. They don’t bark much, love to sleep, and don’t shed heavily. They do, however, require opportunities to stretch their legs and go for a run. You will need to make sure they get that.

6) Chihuahua

That’s right. The “poster pups” of purse pooches have a secret—they can get along without us…at least for a little while. The first step in preparing any dog to go solo is to make sure they’re well-trained. And despite their reputation for being aggressive, these feisty little furballs tend to be quite easy to train. Chihuahuas are moderately energetic, love a good siesta, and if they aren’t sleeping, they’re probably doing something they’ve been trained to do. So, if your BFF is a star student, you won’t have to worry about leaving them for up to eight hours, or about what you’ll find on the other side of the door when you get home. Fun Fact: Although most Chihuahuas do well on their own, they’re usually happier as part of a duo—like Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise…or Spongebob and Patrick.

7) Miniature Schnauzer

A dog with a mustache probably should be in charge of your house period. But since dogs have yet to master the art of paying bills online, the Miniature Schnauzer will have to settle for up to eight hours of alone time each day. Despite being a very outgoing breed and having plenty of energy, Minis are not prone to separation anxiety. They were originally bred to be ratters and guard dogs on farms, so while you’re away at your job, they’ll be doing theirs—protecting the house while you’re away. That said, everyone knows the saying about “all work and no play,” and that includes the Mini Schnauzer. They love to have fun. So as long as they have a few playthings and chew toys to keep them entertained, they’ll be fine until you return.

8) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Compared to other spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels require less exercise and bark less. The key to keeping them happy is to take them for walks and give them attention while you’re at home. Aside from their lap-dog notoriety, this breed has quite a lot to offer. Take a peek at their drooping ears and freckled faces! They also get along with other dogs and children, so they rank among the dog breeds that are ideal for families. These Cordial Little dogs are featured in our most well-behaved small dogs as well. Check out the video linked in the description.

9) Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu can be described as confident, freethinking, and aloof—all the qualities a canine needs to hold down the fort. Although they’re extremely loyal to those who reciprocate their devotion, Shibas still love to do their own thing. That said, like other dogs, they need to be prepped and thoroughly trained to go it alone—therein lies the challenge. Shibas are highly intelligent, though they have a reputation for being one of the most difficult breeds to train. They are quick learners but are stubborn, independent, and want to do things their way, so training requires plenty of patience. Shiba humans must pay attention to their dog’s preferences and develop personalized training plans to suit their needs. Shibas are also very curious, so in addition to leaving traditional toys for them to play with, you could set up a scenting game, hide some treats, or plant a few puzzles around the house to give them a good mental workout.

10) Basenji

Staying true to their origins as a pariah (wild) dog, Basenjis are some of the most independent, confident, and clever canines around. But their cleverness is a two-sided coin. It’s what makes them the ideal “stay-at-home dog,” and it may also put them “in the doghouse” from time to time.
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