Top 10 Easiest Dog Breeds To Own

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Top 10 Easiest Dog Breeds To Own

Are you considering adding a dog to your family? It comes as no small surprise that some breeds are easier to care for than others, particularly for first-time dog owners. We looked at a variety of qualities to determine the easiest dog breeds to own. You might be shocked by the most important characteristics. Here are the Top 10 Easy to Own Dogs.


The Adorable Maltese is a people-pleasing dog that is easy to own and spend time with. It is a companion breed that is “slightly energetic.” Brisk hikes, playfulness, and learning new tricks are all favorites for these charming little lapdogs. Maltese are intelligent and know how to use their charm to get what they want. They’re easily spoiled if given the opportunity. This isn’t a problem for dog-savvy owners, but many pet parents will give in, resulting in a pet with questionable manners.


The Poodle is a clever dog that excels in obedience training, although intellect isn’t necessarily a guarantee of a dog’s willingness to learn. Check out Easy to Train Dog Breeds in the description. Some Poodles can be stubborn, but with careful training, that stubbornness can be mitigated. The prevalent notion of Poodles as velvet-pillow dogs peering down their long snouts at human servants is not really the case. Poodles are highly trainable, eager-to-please ‘real dogs.’ that enjoy working with their owners. Together they can do a variety of tricks and dog sports. When it comes to strangers, the miniature poodle can be shy. But, the larger standard, on the other hand, is more outgoing. They have a medium amount of energy and like to walk, run, and swim. Just keep in mind that the breed’s lengthy coat, while hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed, does require expert maintenance regularly. Just make it part of your routine.


The Pug has a default expression that can make it appear unfriendly. We’ll call it Resting Pug Face. But don’t be fooled by appearances. The Pug is best described by the American Kennel Club as “even-tempered, charming, mischievous, and lovable.” These outgoing dogs adore both children and adults. And, Pug people feel their pet is the perfect house dog. They are content to live in the city or the country, with children or grandparents, as the family’s lone pet or in a household with other pets. And they aren’t afraid to make friends with strangers, making them a hit with outgoing singles.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are extremely popular in the United States. So it should come as less than a surprise that these gorgeous dogs are simple to care for. They can learn practically anything you throw at them. They’re friendly extroverts that make excellent companions, show dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs, and service dogs. And of course, they make excellent family dogs since they get along well with children and other pets. They have a pleasant disposition and are willing to entertain and assist you. They’re also great sports partners and even compete as canine athletes. As you see, there is little a Lab can’t do. Labrador Retrievers are classified as a “very active” dog breed. So don’t expect them to spend the day on the couch. Don’t mistake its laid-back demeanor for a lack of energy. You will need to get out with your Labrador regularly.


Do you want a dog that is both intelligent and ready to serve? The Collie will not disappoint you. Collies have “legendary” herding and protective skills. Yet, this dog breed isn’t too smart — or too arrogant — to crave your attention and admiration. Collies can live in the country or the city, but they require constant companionship. The Collie is excellent at reading people’s emotions and gets along well with children. Collies have a calm, laid-back demeanor are tidy and quiet around the house, and they’re easy to potty train. They do need to be brushed once or twice a week. They are often odor-free, which is a bonus for any prospective pet owner concerned about stinky dog odor.


If you want an easygoing dog with a ton of personality, the Corgi, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, will undoubtedly steal your heart. Clever and alert, friendly but not pushy, bold but kindly, these small dogs are energetic, yet they can adjust to almost any living arrangement if they get enough exercise. Additionally, the corgi is a quick learner. The effort you spend in training, especially during your pet’s first year of life, will be repaid many times over by giving you a well-behaved companion, one that is connected to you and your family for the remainder of its life. A Corgi without a job will often assign itself one, such as herding children or the household cats. You’ll want to give it a job to do. Corgis have a medium-length coat that requires weekly brushing as well as a bath every so often. But, you won’t be spending a lot of time at the Groomer.


You might picture a yappy small dog when you think of a Chihuahua. However, it is mainly poorly trained and unsocialized dogs that have given the Chi this bad rep. Each Chihuahua is a miniature king or queen ready to rule their realm, they must be taught what is appropriate in human kingdoms. Despite their regal demeanor, the Chi is clever, eager, trainable, and generally low-maintenance. Chihuahuas can be a good fit for families but should be watched around small children. Chihuahuas require little exercise due to their small size. That means they adapt well to city life, but they are also sturdy enough to enjoy life in the countryside, as long as you don’t have large birds of prey flying around, a five-pound dog is not larger than a large rabbit.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Do you want a dog that adores people? The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a great option. These pleasant small dogs get along with both energetic people and homebodies – depending on their owner’s disposition, they can be devoted hiking companions or shameless couch potatoes — as long as they get a gratifying daily walk. These Spaniels have a reasonable amount of energy and will benefit from some exercise. They are, nevertheless, sociable and simple to train. Whether or not a Cavalier knows the person, if it sees an empty lap, it is likely to leap into it. This is a true companion dog and shouldn’t be left alone too long.


Being easygoing and outgoing makes the Beagle one of the easiest dogs to own. They’re described as “merry,” “friendly,” and “inquisitive” by the American Kennel Club and Indian Kennel Club. Beagles are affectionate and lovable, joyful, easygoing, and companionable. They are also energetic dogs who require a lot of activity. The Beagle is constantly among the Top 10 Popular Dogs for a good reason. They are one of the most outgoing, people-pleasing, and approachable breeds. It has a larger-than-life personality and a jovial demeanor, making it a warm and welcoming companion. Furthermore, the Beagle is genetically a healthy breed with few hereditary ailments.


You don’t have to choose a purebred dog. Your easy-to-own companion just might be at your local animal shelter. There are some very good reasons to adopt a mutt instead of heading to a breeder for a pup. For one, purebred dogs have a higher frequency of numerous genetic problems than mixed-breed dogs. It’s just one of the advantages of a more diversified DNA. It’s also easy on your conscience since you’ll be adopting a dog that desperately needs a home rather than a pup raised to be sold for cash. A mutt is just as likely to learn to be obedient and attentive as any pedigreed dog. In fact, since Mutts aren’t bred for extremes like purebred dogs, your chances of getting a well-balanced dog are higher with a mutt.

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